Port Zante is a sparkling world-class port fronting the largest and most vibrant city on St.Kitts. It offers beautiful promenades surrounded by elegant shops. Port Zante is only a few steps away from a deep harbour designed to accommodate cruise ships, luxury yachts, and pleasure sailing vessels.

Port Zante development comprises some forty-two individual lots which are defined by the pre-determined foot-prints of the buildings identified in preliminary form and use in the Master Plan. These are laid within generous open spaces, and with easy access to parking areas.

The architectural character of the development will be regulated in order to maintain a high standard of quality and conformity with the existing colonial architecture of Basseterre.

As a result, building heights will be regulated as planned by the architects, with a majority of the buildings at one, one-and-a-half. And two stories, with two larger buildings of three stories earmarked for hotel development and cultural activities.

Building footprint areas range from a low of some 4,200 square feet to 25,000 square feet, with building floor areas planned in the range of 4,200 to 75,000 square feet. The cost of each lot will be based on the building footprint area adjusted by a factor to reflect the additional floor area, provided by the extra stories, as applicable.

This formula offers to the investors a wide range of budget and usage options, and is particularly aimed at the commercial retail sector – oriented to both local and tourist market – as well as to the professional sector requiring offices in a prestigious development.